Welcome to the official rulebook of the Global e-Cricket Premier League (hereinafter referred to as "GEPL" or the "League"), a professional electronic version of a cricket League in India, operated by Jet Esports and Entertainment League Pvt Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "JEEL"). GEPL is the intellectual property of JEEL, a subsidiary of JetSynthesys Private Limited, based on the mobile game 'Real Cricket', owned by Nautilus Mobile App Pvt Ltd.

This rulebook applies to and is a legally binding document that establishes the framework and terms of participation for all individuals and entities involved in the League (hereinafter Rulebook). By engaging in any League-related activities, including but not limited to registration, match participation, and League involvement, all Players acknowledge their acceptance and adherence to the rules and regulations outlined herein. This guide serves as the definitive resource for all competitive gaming events played under JEEL, covering the key information and regulations necessary for a fair and exciting gameplay experience. This rulebook provides a comprehensive overview of the standards and expectations for all Players. From game-specific rules to ethical considerations, this rulebook encompasses the knowledge and tools needed to participate in and enjoy the League to the fullest.

GEPL is the intellectual property of JEEL, a subsidiary of JetSynthesys Private Limited, and has been entrusted with the operation and management of the League, ensuring a professional and competitive environment for all Players.

Nautilus and JEEL both share a common affiliation with JetSynthesys Private Limited, a global technology and entertainment company that is dedicated to revolutionizing the gaming and esports industry. 

Each Player must read, understand, and agree to this Rulebook and its terms and conditions before participating in any event relating to the League.


JEEL and its officials reserve the right to amend, modify, or update this rulebook at any time to ensure fair play, adapt to changing circumstances, or improve the overall experience at GEPL. Any such changes will be communicated to all Players through official League channels, and it is the responsibility of each Player to stay informed and comply with the updated regulations.


Tournament Operator/Organizer:

This Rulebook makes references to Tournament operator/organizer in many places. The term is used for 'Skyesports' the entity/agency who will be managing and operating all esports operations & enable Tournaments to take place.

A Tournament operator is an individual or a group responsible for planning, coordinating, managing, and executing competitive events or Tournaments in various fields, such as sports, gaming, or other activities. They handle tasks such as scheduling, Player registration, rule enforcement, and overall operations management.


This Rulebook makes references to referees/Umpire/officials in many places. This term is intended to identify Tournament administrators and personnel working with the Tournament operator to enforce and observe that the rules are being followed. A ref eree/official may be acting in many capacities, either as an assistant, regular or senior referee; for this rulebook, they are all considered equal.

Referees/Umpire/Officials are individuals assigned to enforce the rules and regulations of a Tournament. Their primary role is to ensure fair play, resolve disputes, make decisions, and maintain order during the Tournament. They have the authority to penalize or disqualify Players who violate the established rules.


This Rulebook makes references to Tournament Players in many places. This term is used to identify any Players taking part in Tournaments as appropriate. The terms can be interchanged as necessary to accommodate any Player size or denomination in an Esports title.

A Player refers to an individual that takes part in a Tournament or Tournaments. Players actively engage in the event, competing against other Players with the goal of achieving success, victory, or a designated prize.

Prize Pool:

The Prize Pool is the total amount of money, goods, or other rewards designated to be distributed among the winners of a Tournament. It serves as an incentive for Players to compete and achieve success. The Prize Pool can vary in size and may be contributed by sponsors.


A League is an organized Tournament or association in which multiple Players regularly compete against each other in a series of matches or events. Leagues are typically formed within specific sports, games, or activities and follow a structured format with predetermined rules and regulations. The primary objective of a League is to determine a champion or winners based on the cumulative performance of the Player over a specified period.

In a League, Player competes against each other multiple times, usually in a round-robin format where every Player faces each other at least once. Points are awarded for wins, losses, and draws, and these points contribute to the overall standings or rankings of the Player.

Leagues often have a set schedule or fixtures, with matches taking place on specific dates or within a defined timeframe. They can be organized at various levels, including amateur, semi-professional, and professional, and may have different divisions or tiers based on the skill level or competitiveness of the Players. Leagues can be organized and overseen by governing bodies, associations, or organizations that establish and enforce the rules and regulations.

A Tournament is a competitive event or contest in which participants compete against each other to determine a winner. It involves a structured series of matches, games, or rounds, where the participants compete against each other to achieve victory and advance to the next stage until a final winner is determined.


Challengermode is a platform that offers online esports infrastructure to all the key stakeholders in the industry, including Players and game developers. Challengermode hosts a wide range of Tournaments and Leagues for popular esports titles. The platform offers automated matchmaking , simplifying the process of finding opponents and setting up matches. It also provides automated reporting, eliminating the need for manual submissions. The platform provides a community-focused experience, allowing Players to interact with each other and join gaming communities. Challengermode is accessible through its website and is compatible with multiple platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices.


GEPL is an interesting opportunity in the gaming and esports space that integrates 4 of the most exciting consumer and trade pillars today: Cricket + Gaming + Esports + Entertainment in a League format.

GEPL is the official (e)sportified version of the mobile game "Real Cricket" - by far India's most popular skill-based free-to-play simulation game.

Season 1

GEPL is a three-stage gaming Tournament where a large number of Players will register to play in the qualifier stage & the top 100 Players will get a chance to qualify for the Closed Offline League. Players will get a chance to win the 1st GEPL Champions title and get their hands on the massive prize pool of INR 2,51,00,000/-.




Registration Phase

28th June 2023 to 8th July 2023

Registration for the event


9th July 2023 to 13th July 2023

To update Players in brackets and schedule all the matches

Updating Players

9th July 2023 to 13th July 2023

Notify Players with their match timings and opponent details

Qualifier Stage (Online)

14th July 2023 to 10th August 2023

Single Elimination (Bo1) bracket for all registered Players across 3 weeks till Ro128 > Swiss Bracket for top 256 Players

Players Draft (Offline)

Date to be announced

Details to be updated

Closed Offline League

Date to be announced

Details to be updated

Playoffs > LAN Finale

Date to be announced

Details to be updated

Qualifier Stage:

  1. All registered Players with correct details will be placed in a single elimination (Bo1) bracket in Challengermode. 
  2. Qualifier Stage will be played in 2 phases:
    1. Phase 1 – Single Elimination till Round of 128 (Total of 256 Players).
    2. Phase 2 – Swiss format brackets of 256 Players (Top 256 Players from Phase 1 will be placed randomly in swiss format brackets)
  3. The top 100 Players will qualify for the Closed Offline League.
  1. Qualifier stage match/game settings:
    1. Mode – Multiplayer – GEPL
    2. Overs – 5
    3. Powerplay overs - 2
    4. Wickets - 5
    5. Chance of Rain - No Rain
    6. Catching - Manual
    7. Fielding - Manual
    8. Toss - In-game
    9. Pitch – Green (Default)
    10. Venue – Melbourne (Default) – This stadium will be standard for all matches played in GEPL since its size ensures that the user can show their skills to their maximum potential.
    11. Time of Day - Random
    12. DRS – No (All decisions given by in-game umpire are final)
  2. Tournament Settings (Qualifier Stage): The tournament will be conducted through Challengermode & bracket type will be single elimination (Bo1) till Ro256 and swiss bracketing will be created for the top 256 Players.
  3. Controls:
    1. Pro Joystick control will be the only control used.
    2. Players can use multiple presets while batting.
    3. Shot map can include Gold & Platinum shots if available with the respective users.
    4. Manual fielding will be the only option available.
  4. Gameplay Settings:
    1. The default stadium will always be Melbourne.
    2. Pitch type will be Green.
    3. Mode will be Esports, and the Players are expected to pick from the 5 standard teams available in-game.
    4. All competitive matches will be conducted in a 5 overs pe r innings setup.
    5. The batting side only gets 5 wickets & on losing them , the batting side is all out.
    6. Each user is allowed to save their preferred preset for both shot map and field placements in advance.
    7. Time to change field – 60 secs per over. 
  5. Qualifier Stage Game Rules:
    1. A separate GEPL Challengermode Tournament will be created for the registered Players in the Multiplayer section on Real Cricket 22 game.
    2. Players will link their RC22 account to the Challengermode account.
    3. All matches will be played under the observation of Tournament officials (Managed by Skyesports).
    4. Players will have to be ready with their device and in-game during their scheduled match time.
    5. It is expected that all Tournament matches will begin at the scheduled time. Any delay caused by issues arising out of a Player’s inadequate preparation will be assessed by officials. Disciplinary action for tardiness may be assessed at the discretion of the Tournament officials.
    6. Player switching won’t be allowed during the Qualifier stage. Any Player found cheating or smurfing will be disqualified immediately.

Match Draw or Tie Condition:

  1. In case of a match drawn or tied in the qualifier stage then the outcome will be checked internally by the officials and the match will be rescheduled again if required.

In-Game Settings:

  1. In-game settings are crucial to maintaining a level playing field for all Players in esports events. To ensure fairness and consistency, it is important that all Players adhere to the same in-game settings.
  2. The game must be played in the default mode provided by the operators.
  3. The Tournament officials reserve the right to make changes to the required match or Player settings at any time in their sole discretion prior to the start of any Tournament match.
  4. Players must not use any third-party tools or software to gain an unfair advantage such as use of emulators, triggers etc. is prohibited during the Tournament.

Device Settings, Stoppage of play/Pauses:

  1. Device settings are an important aspect of ensuring a fair and consistent playing experience for all Players. To maintain a level playing field, Tournament operators may impose specific rules regarding device settings, which all Players must follow.
  2. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification from th e Tournament and possible further consequences. It is important for Players to carefully review the rules and regulations for each Tournament they participate in to ensure that they comply with all device settings requirements.
  3. Players' devices should be suitable for the game; Players will be re sponsible for any network issue, lag or FPS drop during the match.
  4. Device malfunction, lag issue, internet problem etc. Players will be resp onsible for it and there will be no stoppage of play.
  5. If any Player gets disconnected or drops out of the game for any reason, that Player shall try to rejoin the game, if the Player is still unable to join the game even after rejoining, that Player will be responsible for it and there will be no rematch and the opponent Player will be declared as winner.
  6. A Player will get at least 3 attempts of 30 seconds each to rejoin the ma tch.
  7. There will be no rematch and only a few seconds pause during field change will be permitted during the Tournament play.


General Rules:

Rules & Referee/Official Decisions:

  1. Finality of referee decisions – The referee/official’s decisions are final and binding, the Players must accept their decisions without protest. This helps to ensure that the Tournament is conducted fairly, and that Players do not attempt to challenge the referee’s authority.
  2. Changes to League rule – The referee/officials have the power to make changes to the League rules if necessary. This may include changes to the schedule, format, or rules of the game, and should be done in consultation with the Tournament operators and any relevant stakeholders.
  3. Grounds for disqualification – The referee/officials have the power to disqualify any Player in scenarios such as cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct, or violating the rules of the game etc.

All the rules in this League Rulebook may be changed without prior notice during any events if Tournament circumstances change and require such rule changes to be made. All referee/officials’ decisions are final. The referee/officials may also judge any cases not specifically covered in this book and their authority extends to cover the Tournament in addition to this rulebook. Any changes made shall be in effect from the moment such changes were communicated to the Players.

Additional Agreements:

Tournament Players outside of this rulebook may make no additional agreements. Players may not alter the contents of the rulebook and Tournament parameters set by the officials.

Changes to Tournament Rules: 

These rules may be amended, modified, or supplemented by officials, from time to time, to ensure fair play and the integrity of the Tournament.

Time Zone:

All matches will happen as per Indian Standard Time.

Communication & Confidentiality:

All Tournament communication is managed only using official pre-determined channels such as email, instant messaging, and in person. Any communication occurring outside of the official channels is not considered valid or relevant for Tournament operations. It is the responsibility of the Tournament operator to make sure that all the Players are made aware of what these official channels are in the event guide.

All communication done using the official channels is considered confidential and not to be shared outside of the Tournament Players unless specific permission is obtained from the Tournament operator.

All the communication between the Players and operators will be recorded for verification purposes and this helps to ensure that all communication is transparent and that disputes can be resolved fairly if they arise.

All the important communications will be via email. If a Player/Winner fails to respond in timely manner to any communication received by him or her, GEPL and its officials reserve the right to take a decision thereon and the concerned Player/Winner shall abide by such decision.

Match start:

  1. Punctuality in online matches - All matches in the event should start as stated in the Tournament schedule. Rescheduling of matches is not allowed during qualifier stage. All Players in a match should be on the server and ready to play. The time may be adjusted by the Tournament officials if deemed necessary.
  2. Repeated lateness - If a Player is late in more than 2 matches in the sam e Tournament, they will be considered a repeat offender and strict action will be taken against them accordingly by the officials.
  3. Players not showing - If a Player is not ready to play at the scheduled s tart of the match, they are considered a no-show.


All forms of cheating in GEPL matches will be taken seriously and will be penalized by the officials. Players will have to provide proper proof/evidence in case they come across any Player who is found cheating. Video and screenshot evidence are critical, and officials will do a thorough check before putting out their verdict in any of the matters related to cheating. If a Player has submitted a report and is found guilty of providing fake evidence, then strict action will be taken against the Player. Officials’ decision will be final, and no changes will be made to their decisions.

All Players of GEPL are required to abide by the following code of conduct. Failure to adhere to the code can result in warnings, or disqualification, as deemed appropriate by the organizer and/or its officials.

Competitive Integrity:

All Players are expected to always play at their best in any Tournament match of GEPL or any events/Tournaments hosted by JEEL. Offenders who violate this rule will be subject to penalties at the sole discretion of officials.

  1. Unlawful Approach - An unlawful approach refers to any action, strategy, or behavior that violates the established rules, regulations, or ethical standards of the League. It involves intentionally breaking the rules or engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct with the aim of gaining an unfair advantage over opponents. Unlawful approaches can typically involve actions such as cheating, doping, match-fixing, intentional fouling, diving or simulation, verbal or physical abuse, or any other form of dishonest or unethical behavior. Unlawful approaches undermine the integrity of the sport, fairness among competitors, and the trust of fans and spectators. They can result in penalties, d isqualification, suspensions, fines, or other disciplinary actions imposed by sport's governing bodies or organizations. The severity of punishment may vary depending on the nature and extent of the violation, as well as the governing body's rules and regulations. The goal of addressing unlawful approaches is to maintain a level playing field, uphold the spirit of the sport, and ensure fair Tournament for all Players.
  2. Collusion - Players who cooperate with others, including other competing Players to cheat or deceive and gain an unfair advantage, are guilty of collusion. Acts of collusion include, but are not limited to:
    1. Soft Play - Any agreement among Players to not play at a reasonable or expected standard of Tournament in a game.
    2. Prior arrangements to split Prize Pool and any other forms of compensation.
    3. Receiving information and signals from outside sources during a match.
    4. Deliberately losing any match for compensation.
    5. Any agreement or cooperation between Players or teams to deceive or manipulate other Players or teams, or to alter the outcome of a match or Tournament.
  3. Hacking - Any use of the game client, including any 3rd party apps to grant in-game advantages. Players are prohibited from hacking or attempting to hack any game servers or other systems. Players are also responsible for protecting their personal information and the personal information of others.
  4. Exploiting/Cheating - Deliberate abuse of in-game bugs to gain an advantage. Looking at spectator monitors or mobile phones of other Players. Intentional disconnect without any officials' approval. Cheating is strictly prohibited. Cheating includes any form of tampering with game software and hardware , exploiting unintended game mechanics, using any unauthorized software or hardware, or any other actions that giv e a Player an unfair advantage.
  5. Smurfing - Using another Player or Players' account.
  6. Drugs and Alcohol - Any use, possession, distribution or sale of any dru gs or alcohol or being under the influence of any such substance, is strictly prohibited while a Player is engaged in any Tournament/Event hosted by JEEL.
  7. Gambling - Players are not allowed to place bets on any Tournament matches or any plays or associate with gamblers or deliver any confidential information to others that might influence any such kind of gambling bets.
  8. Spamming - The excessive posting of senseless, harassing or offensive messages is regarded as spamming by officials. Spamming on any official or affiliated platforms will be punished depending on the nature and severity of the offense.
  9. Damaging or soiling - Players taking action that could or does result in damage or soiling of rooms, furniture, equipment or similar items will be fined. The fine will be based on the cost to restore the item to its original state, handling efforts to fix the issue and damaged reputations with 3rd parties or the public.
  10. Unsportsmanlike behavior - For an orderly and pleasant game, it is essential that all Players have sportsmanlike behavior. The most important and common offenses are listed below. However, the Tournament administration may assign penalties for not explicitly listed types of unsportsmanlike behavior.
    1. Ringer/Faker - Any Player involved in faking or ringing a Player will be suspended for a minimum of 2 matches and penalty points will be awarded per incident.
    2. Playing with a disallowed Player - Using a disallowed Player results in penalty points being awarded and the Player will be suspended for a minimum of 2 matches. In addition to this, the opponent will be offered a rematch. If the Tournament administration decides there is not enough time for a rematch (this will always be the case in matches in continuous order, like all except the last round of a bracket i.e., playoffs, but can happen in other cases as well), a default win will be given to the opponent.
    3. Misleading Tournament officials or Players - Any attempts to deceive opposing Players, the Tournament officials, or anyone else related to GEPL may be penalized with penalty points.
  11. Match-Fixing – Match-Fixing is strictly prohibited, and it is defined as any agreement or conspiracy to predetermine the outcome of a game or match for financial gain or any other form of gain.
  12. Sportsmanship – Players must always exhibit good sportsmanship. This includes showing respect for other Players, referees/officials, and fans, refraining from inappropriate behavior, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Foul/Insulting Behavior:

Players may not use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, or otherwise offensive or objectionable, in match/chat or in any other official communication. List of inappropriate behavior , all of which are prohibited i.e., Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Negative Statements, Confidentiality breach, Bribery, any illegal or immoral activity, match fixing, not submitting the asked documents by officials, etc.
Players are not allowed to use abusive language during any public-facing events, s uch as interviews. Each offense will be observed by officials and warning will be given depending on the severity of the offense and some offense might lead to disqualification also.

Discrimination and Denigration:

Discrimination and denigration based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic is strictly prohibited in GEPL. Players are expected to treat each other with respect and refrain from engaging in any form of discriminatory or derogatory behavior. Any instances of discrimination or denigration will be taken seriously and may result in penalties or disqualification.

Players are prohibited from discriminating against others based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or any other characteristic. Competitors shall not offend the dignity or integrity of a country, private person, or group of people through contemptuous or discriminatory words or actions based on race, ethnicity, national origin, social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion, financial status, birth status, sexual orientation, or any other reason. Offenders may be immediately disqualified or will be given a warning depending on the severity of the offense.


Players are responsible for reporting any violations. Players who are found to have violated the code may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or disqualification from Tournaments.

Concluding the Tournament:

Upon initiating participation in a Tournament, Players shall continue to participate in the Tournament to its conclusion. Disagreement with a decision by officials, an accusation of competitive integrity of the Tournament, or imperfect playing conditions. Offenders may have to forfeit the entirety of their monetary winnings from JEEL events/Tournaments, be banned from future esports events, or both above.

Player Rulebook:

Player Names, Accounts, Nicknames (Alias) and Logo:

By joining any Tournaments organized by JEEL, all Players will allow organizers to use their image (logos, Player photos, interview videos etc.) in promotional materials.

Player names are updated at the time of registration and may not be changed at any time during the Tournament without the prior written approval of the officials. Player name or logo which include any offensive toxic, hurtful words/phrase or make use of corporate name, use of the trademarks or any other intellectual property of JEEL, or any third party will be prohibited, and Players won’t be selected for the Tournament.

If a Player has been alleged of using any trademarks or other intellectual property of JEEL, or any third party, then the officials will review them and the officials will have the right to select or reject the Player.

Organizer and Sponsor shall have the right to require Players/Winners to cooperate in attending or carrying out various media interviews, press briefings, streaming sessions, sponsor events, photo or video shoots, charitable events, webcasts, podcasts, chats, and other media events that are organized by GEPL/JEEL or Sponsor in connection with the marketing and promotion of the Tournament at no extra cost being payable to such Players. If a Player/Winner fails to attend any media events when required, JEEL officials have the right to penalize the Player/Winner.

Players must use their own accounts, and their unique IN-GAME ID, for competing in Tournaments/events hosted by JEEL. If a Player registers for a Tournament, then NO changes will be made to Player IN-GAME ID till the end of the Tournament.

Officials have all the right to refuse/reject Player accounts/names which are vulgar, offensive, discriminatory, or to be infringing on any copyrights.

Player Age:

To be eligible to participate in a Tournament as a Player, an individual must have reached the age of majority in India before the start of the Tournament and must comply with any applicable age rating for GAME established by the app/play store where the Player downloads the GAME.

  1. Minimum Age Requirement - To be eligible to participate in GEPL as a Player, an individual must be 18 years of age or older (i.e., the Player has lived for at least 18 calendar years) as of the Registration end date.
  2. Age Verification – Players may be required to provide proof of their age to participate in the Tournament. This may be done through government-issued identification, birth certificates, or other forms of identification. Failure to provide age verification may result in the Player's disqualification from the League. Age verification can be conducted at any stage of the League.

Smurfing (Multiple Accounts):

Players may not play with more than one account at a time. If such an arrangement is found to be in existence, Officials have the right to ban the Player from playing any future matches.

Anti-corruption Measures:

GEPL has strict anti-corruption measures in place to prevent any form of match-fixing or spot-fixing. Players are required to cooperate fully with the officials and report any suspicious activities. Any Player found to be in violation of this anti-corruption policy shall be liable to legal action under the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 and any relevant amendments to the Act.

Disqualification/In-Game Bugs Abuse:

To keep Tournaments as efficient as possible, GEPL/JEEL and its officials reserve the right to disqualify Players. This will only be done in cases where a Player purposefully stalls or attempts to block the Tournament from starting. Intentionally use of any bugs, glitches, or errors in the game is strictly forbidden and will be penalized. Any Player found using any known bug or exploiting the bug during the Tournament, that Player will be disqualified even if they come out as the winner of that game.
Betting/Gambling during any matches (by a Player or on behalf of anyone associated with the Player) is off limits. Those partaking will be disqualified from the Tournament.

Disciplinary Action:

Players who breach the League’s rules and regulations may face disciplinary action, including fines, suspension, or disqualification.

Results And Scoring:

Determining Rankings:

The Tournament operator will provide the results of the Tournament to the public promptly, either on an online Tournament platform or as a separate publicly available post on their official website.

Format And Pairings:

The Tournament operator will announce the Tournament format, potential groups, and match pairings to all Players and the logic used when pairing. If a Tournament is, for example, single elimination, then the Players will be placed randomly. The Tournament operator will make sure all Players are made aware of the Tournament format and round structure in the event guide. The most common Tournament formats are:

  1. Single Elimination: In this format, a single loss in a match series means elimination for the Player.
  2. Swiss Bracket: A Player will play 8 matches as per their progression and the Player will match against the opponent with same wins/loses.
  3. Round Robin: In this format, all Players play against each other at least once.

Media Obligations: (Offline Draft Onwards)

  1. Pre-Match and Post-Match Interviews: Players may be required to participate in pre-match or post-match interviews with media outlets, such as reporters or journalists. These interviews may focus on the Player’s thoughts and strategies before or after a match.
  2. Press Conferences: Players may be required to attend press conf erences or media events organized by the organizer or JEEL. These events may involve a panel discussion or a Q&A session with media representatives.
  3. Social Media: Players may be required to post updates or engage with fans and followers on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. These updates may include match results, Player strategies, or personal reflections of the Tournament.
  4. Marketing Campaigns: Players may be required to participate in marketing campaigns or promotional activities for the Tournament, such as photo shoots or video shoots. These activities may be used to promote the League or the participating Players.

If JEEL decides that one or more Players need to be part of interviews (short pre/post-match interviews and/or longer interview session), a press conference or an autograph, photograph, or video session, then the Players cannot deny this and must attend. For all matches that are broadcast on JEEL arranged streams, Players cannot refuse a request to provide an interview. Most events will have a mandatory media day, where Players will be photographed, filmed and interviewed by JEEL for the event presentation. When applicable, Players will receive a media schedule beforehand to be informed about the nature, duration, and schedule of any activities of this kind that take more than five minutes. In some cases, Players may be asked to provide assets for use on JEEL arranged broadcasts. Failure to provide them on time when requested will be considered a missed media obligation.

Media is an important aspect of the League as it helps to promote the League, increase Player’s exposure, and engage with fans and followers. It helps to build the Player’s personal brand, increase their visibility, and create opportunities for sponsorships and endorsements. League officials will ensure that these obligations do not interfere with the Players’ gameplay or rest time, and that they are conducted in a professional and respectful manner.

Photo and other media rights:

By participating in the event, all Players grant JEEL the right to use any photographic, audio or video material on their website or for any other promotional purpose.

  1. Ownership: The League typically owns the rights to all images and other media that are taken or created during the Tournament. This includes photographs, videos, live streams, and other content.
  2. Use: The officials may use the images and other media for promotional purposes, such as advertising the Tournament or highlighting the Players. Sponsors of the League may also have the right to use these materials for promotional purposes.

Winners' ceremony:

Players must stay in the Tournament area for the winner's ceremony after the Grand Final. The ceremony will include the presentation of the trophy, medals, and Prize Pool, as well as awards and celebrations.


Definitions and scope of punishments:

Punishments are given for rule violations within official events. There may be penalty points, fines, default losses, Player suspensions or disqualifications, or a combination of these punishments depending on the incident in question. Players will be informed about the punishment by email and given a timeframe within which they can appeal the decision. Only the designated spokespersons are eligible to make appeals.


Fines shall be imposed for incidents related to Tournament matches, and for failures to fulfill obligations that are not directly related to the Tournament such as press/media appointments, or planned sessions for fan interaction. Where the number of fines accrued exceeds the total Prize Pool earned from an event, an additional invoice will be sent to the Player to clear the remaining amount.


Bans or suspensions may be given for every severe incident.


In the most severe cases of rule violations, Players may be disqualified from the event. Disqualified Players forfeit all Prize Pool accumulated for the Tournament in question.

Punishments for repeat offenses:

All punishments outlined in this rulebook are applicable for first-time offenses. Repeat offenses will be punished more severely.

Penalties and consequences for leaving the event:

  1. Leaving during an event - If a Player leaves during an ongoing event (i.e. between League stage and playoffs), the Player forfeits all Prize Pool accumulated for the event, fines, relegations, and other penalties may be imposed, and all its members may be banned until the end of the playoffs.
    JEEL reserves the right to penalize the Player in the next event they participate within 365 days. Higher penalties, not being invited, suspensions, or similar punishments may also come into effect, especially for very late cancellations, as seen fit by the Tournament officials.
  2. Deletion of matches - All matches involving Players that have left a stage of the event after it has started will be reset and deleted. In playoff brackets, the most recent or the next upcoming match (depending on the situation) of the Player will be considered a default win for their opponent.

Disciplinary Procedures and Liability:

It is the responsibility of every Player to comply with this rulebook. All decisions regarding the interpretation of this Rulebook lie exclusively with GEPL and its Officials,

Nautilus Mobile App Pvt Ltd (“Nautilus”) owns the complete right, title, and interest in the Real Cricket 22 game and the right to distribute the mobile game Real Cricket 22 (“RC22”) in India. As a Player in the League, you are liable to adhere to the Real Cricket game policies and are incorporated in this Rulebook by reference.



To the extent that a Player(s) is in breach of this Rulebook (or any other rules, policies or contractual obligations imposed by JEEL, JEEL shall have the right to impose a range of Sanctions against the offending Player(s), acting in its sole discretion. GEPL shall impose Sanctions which it believes to be reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances and the severity and nature of the Sanction will be determined by GEPL on a case-by-case basis. GEPL shall have the right (but not the obligation) to publish its findings and the Sanctions imposed.

Jurisdiction and Appeals:

Save in respect of any Non-Appealable Decisions (which are final and non-appealable), Players shall have the right to appeal all decisions or Sanctions imposed by GEPL under this Rulebook in accordance with the remainder of this Clause.

Any decisions and/or Sanctions imposed by GEPL under this Rulebook shall remain in effect and binding upon the Players pending the outcome of any appeal.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:

This Rulebook and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual dispute or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India.

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Rulebook or any related or other document or the breach thereof including claims seeking redress or asserting rights under applicable law, shall, subject to the provisions of this clause and shall, be resolved and finally settled by arbitration by a sole arbitrator in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. In the event that the parties involved are unable to agree upon a sole arbitrator within 30 (Thirty) days, JEEL and the other party involved shall be entitled to nominate one arbitrator each respectively. The 2 (two) arbitrators so appointed shall appoint a third arbitrator so as to form a panel of 3 (three) arbitrators to resolve the dispute.

The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in the English language. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted at Mumbai. The arbitrator shall apply this Agreement accordin g to its terms and pass a reasoned award. The parties agree to be bound by any award or order resulting from any arbitration conducted hereunder.


Participation in the Tournament constitutes an agreement by the Players that they will not hold liable, or make any claim, against GEPL or any of its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates and each of its respective successors, assigns, agents, employees, servants, or authorized representatives (including any Tournament Official, administrator or representative):

  1. For any losses, costs, charges, damages, compensation or expenses arising out of or in connection with any kind of injury or illness suffered by any Player, spectator or other third party.
  2. For any damage to property of any kind.
  3. For any loss of or damage to goodwill.
  4. For any other indirect or consequential loss or for loss of profit incurred.
  5. For any loss of any description from or in relation to the result of any match, arising out of, or due to any decision or action that GEPL may take (or fail to take) under the Rulebook, of whatsoever nature (including but not limited in relation to a Sanction).

Nothing in the Rulebook limits a liability which cannot legally be limited, including liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence, or fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Match Broadcasting

Broadcasting Rights:

JEEL is the owner of all GEPL broadcasting rights. JEEL shall have the right to license these rights to broadcasters, streaming platforms, or other third-party entities for a specified duration.All broadcasting rights of JEEL are owned by JetSynthesys Pvt Ltd. This includes, but is not limited to shout cast streams, video streams (e.g., POV-streams), replays, demos, or TV broadcasts (if any).

JEEL grants the broadcasting rights for the GEPL to a specific media company, which is authorized to broadcast the matches live on television and/or online platforms.

Live/Recorded Broadcast:

All GEPL matches shall be broadcast live/recorded, and the broadcast will be of high quality, including clear audio and video.

Territory Rights:

JEEL grants territory-specific broadcasting rights to different broadcasters, who are responsible for ensuring that the live broadcast is available to viewers in their respective territories.

Production Guidelines:

JEEL has established production guidelines for broadcasters to ensure that the quality of the live broadcast is consistent across all territories. These guidelines cover aspects such as camera angles, graphics, replays, and commentary.

Commentary Guidelines:

JEEL has established commentary guidelines to ensure that the commentary provided during the live broadcast is informative, entertaining, and free from bias.


JEEL will share the details of advertisements during the broadcast of matches, including the number of ad breaks, the duration of each break, and the maximum duration of advertisements.

Anti-Piracy Measures:

JEEL has implemented anti-piracy measures to prevent unauthorized distribution and copying of the live broadcast, including watermarking, DRM protection, and other methods.

Delayed Broadcast:

In some cases, the live broadcast may be delayed by a few minutes to prevent cheating or unfair play.

Waiving these rights:

JEEL has the right to award broadcasting rights for one or multiple matches to a 3rd party or the Players themselves. In such cases the broadcasts must have been arranged with the JEEL Broadcast Distribution / Marketing before the start of the match.

Player responsibility:

Players cannot refuse to have their matches broadcasted by JEEL-authorized broadcasts, nor can they choose in what manner the match will be broadcast. The broadcast can only be rejected by the Tournament officials.

Copyright & Exclusive Rights:


JEEL is the owner of all intellectual property rights associated with GEPL, including its name, logo, anthem, mogo and other trademarks, copyright and related rights, business names and domain names, rights in get-up, goodwill and the right to sue for passing off, rights in designs, database rights, rights to use, and protect the confidentiality of, confidential information (including know-how), and all other intellectual property rights, in each case whether registered or unregistered (“Intellectual Property”)

Unauthorized Use:

Any use of GEPL’s Intellectual Property without permission and written approval from JEEL League is considered unauthorized and is subject to legal action.

Media and Broadcasting Rights:

JEEL reserves the exclusive media and broadcasting rights for all matches played during the League or any event relating to the League. No one else can broadcast or distribute footage of the matches of the League or any event forming part of the League without permission from the officials.

Merchandise and Licensing:

JEEL has the exclusive right to produce and sell merchandise associated with the League, including jerseys, caps, and other merchandise. No one else can produce or sell merchandise without permission from the officials.

Social Media and Online Platforms:

JEEL has strict rules related to the use of its Intellectual Property on social media and online platforms. Any use of the League’s Intellectual Property on these platforms must be approved by the officials.

Sponsorship and advertising:

JEEL has exclusive sponsorship and advertising rights for all matches played during the League. No one else can advertise or promote products during the matches without permission from the officials.

Copyright infringement:

JEEL takes copyright infringement very seriously and has a process in place to handle any complaints related to the unauthorized use of its Intellectual Property. Any use of GEPL/JEEL’s Intellectual Property should be with prior written permission from JEEL and must comply with its rules and regulations relating to such usage. In the event any Player infringes upon or engages in unauthorised use of the Intellectual Property of JEEL, JEEL officials shall have the right to take legal action against such a Player including without limitation injunction, damages and any other legal remedy available to JEEL to enforce its rights.

Prize Pool:*

The prize pool of GEPL Season 1 Global Finals is INR 2.51 cr. This Prize Pool (split to be announced at later stage) is distributed amongst the participating team/Players based on their overall League ranking.

Note: After the end of the Tournament, all Prize Pool shall be paid out within 90 days. All the required details & documents will be collected prior to the League stage. Basic documents required from entities will be TAN, PAN Card, Cancel Cheque etc.

TDS will be applicable as per official Indian law.

If an authority holder fails to provide accurate payment information, or any other required documentation, the Prize Pool will not be paid out until a reasonable time after this has been rectified.

Prize deduction due to penalty points:

Every penalty point that a Player acquires during a match is penalized with 1% Prize Pool deduction. The deduction is calculated out of the grand total of the Prize Pool awarded to that Player at the end of the last part of the Tournament. The deducted Prize Pool will be proportionally distributed among the other team; no Prize Pool is lost through penalty points.

Withdrawal of Prize Pool:

If the Prize Pool for the Tournament has not been paid out, GEPL reserves the right to cancel any pending payment if any evidence of fraud or foul play is discovered.

  1. Prize Pool in case of ongoing investigations - If, at the due date of the prize payment an investigation into a Player is ongoing, the payment for that team will be postponed until the investigation is over and officials put out an official statement regarding the issue.
  2. Disqualification from prize eligibility – Players or team that violate the Tournament rules or engage in unsportsmanlike conduct may be disqualified from prize eligibility.

Transfer of Prize Pool:

Players or team must provide valid payment information to receive their Prize Pool. Failure to provide accurate payment information may result in the forfeiture of the Prize Pool. The Prize Pool will be sent as a bank transfer only, as specified by the team authority. A team authority holder needs to provide proper documents as requested by officials within 15 days of the official communication.

Prize Pool disputes:

In case of a dispute regarding the Prize Pool distribution, Players can mail us at and the operators will review the dispute and respond to it within a period of 7 working days.

Finality of Decisions:

All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, Player eligibility, scheduling of the Tournament, and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with GEPL officials, the decisions of which are final.

Referee/Official’s decision:

According to the rulebook, the referee/official’s decision is final and binding on all parties involved in the match, including Players, mentors, and team management. No one is allowed to question or dispute the decision.

Code of Conduct:

JEEL has a code of conduct that Players must adhere to during the match. Any breach of the code of conduct may result in disciplinary action, including fines and suspension.

Appeals Process:

In certain cases, such as disputes over the interpretation of rules or the application of penalties, JEEL provides an appeals process which will be communicated by official means of communication. However, the final decision still rests with the match officials.

Respecting Decisions:

JEEL places a strong emphasis on respecting the decisions made by the referees and match officials. Any form of dissent or disrespect towards the officials may result in disciplinary action.


JEEL and it’s officials reserve the right to amend, modify, or update this rulebook, prize pool, dates, talent etc. at any time to ensure fair play, adapt to changing circumstances, or improve the overall experience at GEPL. Any such changes will be communicated to all Players through official League channels, and it is the responsibility of each Player to stay informed and comply with the updated regulations.