1. How to play Real Cricket 22?
    • Download the Real Cricket 22 app from the App Store  / Play Store
    • Create an account within the app.
  2. What is GEPL?
    • GEPL stands for Global e-Cricket Premier League. GEPL is the official (e)sportified version of the mobile game "Real Cricket" - by far India's most popular skill-based free-to-play game.
  3. Who can participate in this event?
    • Any citizen of India above the age of 18 with a valid address proof can participate in this event.
  4. What is the format of GEPL?
    • Global e-Cricket Premier League is a three-stage gaming tournament.
      • Qualifiers - 'N' number of registered players will play in the qualifier stage to get a chance to qualify for the Closed Offline League. All the registered players will play a single elimination bracket to determine the top 256 players. These 256 players will play an eight-round swiss draw bracket wherein the top 100 players are selected.
      • Closed Offline League - Top 100 players will qualify from the qualifier stage and will play a round-robin league to determine the top 20 players.
      • Offline Event - Top 20 players from the Closed Offline League will participate in the final offline event.
  5. What is the total prize pool of GEPL?
    • GEPL has a whooping INR 2.51 Cr prize pool*. (*T&C Apply)
  6. What is the schedule of GEPL?
    • Registration - 27th June to 8th July
    • Qualifiers - 14th July to 10th August
    • Players Draft - Coming Soon
    • Closed Offline League - Coming Soon
    • LAN Finale - Coming Soon
  7. What is a swiss draw format?
    • A swiss draw is a non-eliminating format with a fixed number of rounds (here 8 rounds) where players face off. Opponents may be paired with corresponding seeds (equal to their wins/loses).
  8. What are the match settings for the qualifiers?
    • Mode - Esports
    • Overs - 5
    • Powerplay overs - 2
    • Wickets - 5
    • Chance of Rain - No Rain
    • Catching - Manual
    • Fielding - Manual
    • Toss - In game
    • Pitch - Green (Default)
    • Venue - Melbourne (Default)
    • Time of Day - Random
  9. Where will I be able to find the results of the open qualifiers?
    • The tournament organizer will provide the results of the tournament to the public promptly.
  10. What if my opponent cheats during the stage 1 qualifiers?
    • Participants are responsible for reporting any violations. Players who are found to have violated the code may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or disqualification from tournaments. Video proof will be the primary source of evidence for any reports made.
  11. Can my game be rescheduled to a different time?
    • All matches in the event should start as stated in the tournament schedule. Rescheduling of matches is not allowed during the qualifier stage. All participants in a match should be on the server and ready to play.
  12. What will happen if my match gets drawn during the qualifier stage?
    • In case of a match draw in the qualifier stage, the outcome will be checked internally by the officials, and a rematch will be hosted if required.
  13. What if I qualify for the Closed Offline League but am not able to participate?
    • If you are not able to participate in the Closed Offline League, your slot will be given to the subsequent ranked player available.
  14. What are the requirements for joining the Global e-Cricket Premier League?
    • Game UID and Challengermode username are mandatory.
  15. What is the UID? Where can I find my UID?
    • UID (Unique Identification Digit) which is linked to each Participant's profile.
    • Open the RC22 app on your device, click on the profile tab.
    • On the bottom of the profile tab, you will see your UID (E.g.: MobileClient3:d9fe618b-8fc7-45e9-829b-fc3c1cda2384)
  16. Why do you need a phone number and email id?
    • Phone number and email id are required to keep Participants updated with match details and any other important announcements.
  17. What device can I play on?
    • This is a mobile-only tournament, and the usage of any other external devices other than mobile is strictly prohibited.
  18. Where to find the scoring system, rules, or prize pool distribution details?
    • All the details will be mentioned on the website.
  19. I'm having trouble while registering.
  20. Where will the matches be streamed?
    1. The matches will be broadcasted from the Closed Offline League stage onwards.

*-Subject to Change/*T&C Apply